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Internship Visa Application

Internship Visa Application

The following prerequisites must be met when applying for internship visa:

1.    Applicants must hold the Residence permit for study. Students holding X1 or X2 visa cannot apply for internship visa.

2.    Internship content should conform to the college program plan and be related to student’s study.

The required materials are as follows:

1.    Copy of passport and visa page

2.    "Foreigner Visa Application Form" (annex 1)

3.    "Internship Approval Letter" of the department with stamp (annex 2)

4.    Internship certificate of the organization or enterprise (annex 3)

*Attachment 3 can be used for item 4, or an internship contract or description containing student passport information, student internship position and job content, and internship start and end date provided by the organization/company.

*The starting date in the internship contract or corporate internship certificate is recommended to be later than the submission date + 8 working days, and the termination date should not be later than the effective date of the residence permit.

5.    A valid passport

6.    Valid temporary accommodation registration form

7.    Enterprise information collection form (annex 4) (If the internship company will apply for you as an agent, you do not need to collect it yourself)

8.    The copy of the business license of the enterprise stamped with the official seal (if the internship enterprise act on students’ behalf, it is not necessary to collect by oneself)

9.    A 2-inch photo with white background


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Annex 1: Foreigner Visa Application Form

Annex 2: "Internship Approval Letter" of the department with stamp

Annex 3: Internship certificate of the organization or enterprise

Annex 4: Enterprise information collection form